Family Photos

April 27, 2012

Our "Bad Girls" -- Gordy's daughter Susan and Kathy's daughter Melissa

Although their ex-husbands, Kenny and Brian, still feel like sons, we have grown to love the new men in their lives, too.

Melissa's guy, Heith ...

and Susan's guy, Jon -- OOPS -- spoke too fast on this one.

Susan broke it off with Jon in May 2012 (he's back in Boston now) ... she had a new guy, Travis, by June (we met him, but no pictures yet)

October 2012 ... Susan and Travis in Westport (for her 40th birthday party)

August 2011

Gordy's kids and their significant others at their Mom's 60th birthday party.

Christmas 2010 ... family pictures

Garcia Girls (Olivia, Amelia & Cecelia); Fisher Girls (Megan & Ava); The Mussers (Connor, Melissa, Brian & Carly)

Summer 2010, Our Visit to Massachusetts

Gordy's in the back, second from the left ... that's his daughter, Dawn, in the orange dress and her kids: Ashlee (left end), Krista (to right of Gordy ... she's pregnant, due in late 2010-early 2011), and Corey (right end)

Summer 2009, wedding photos

June 2009, Gordy & me, daughter Melissa with Connor and Carly and me

July 2009, sister Cindy, me, sister Susi, and sister Marlene




Me and Gordy (just two old hippies)

on a vacation trip to San Francisco

April 2009




Me (on the right) and my parents, under the grape arbor, July 2008

Me, Cory, Melissa and Gordy at the Kraemer Reunion (August 2007)

Grandpa Gordy plays harmonica tunes with Amelia and Olivia Garcia (July 2007)

Kathy's Family, Thanksgiving 2004:

BACK: Brian & Melissa Musser;
Kathy's hubby, Gordy; Cory & wife, Amie

FRONT: Cory & Amie's daughter, Tayler (6+ yrs old); Connor Musser (standing, 5+ yrs old); Kathy; Cory's lab Max; Carly Musser (9+ yrs old)

Gordy's family, May 2004:

Bottom: Gordy, Sharon and hubby Ray with their daughter Amelia (she's almost a year and a half now), Kathy

Going up the stairs: Alissa (Terrie & Bill's oldest, she will be 6 in February 05), Marcy (Tom's wife), Kenny (Susan's husband), Brayden (Terrie & Bill's youngest, he's 4) on Terrie's lap, Tim, Megan (behind Terrie, Tom & Marcy's oldest, she's 4), Susan, Tom, and Bill (the bald one, Terrie's husband).

Cory and his daughter Tayler (5 yrs old, on top) with Carly (almost 9) and Connor (4 yrs.), April 2004

GrandAunt Susi with Carly (8 yrs old) and Connor (4 yrs old), August 2003

Gordy and me, Mothers' Day 2003

Grandpa Gordy with Carly and Connor at the Pirate Party, November 2002

My son, Cory, with his lovely wife, Amie, and their adorable daughter Tayler (4 years old) ... Autumn, 2002

At the WA rainforest, Summer 2000

Left to right: Gordy, Kathy with Connor (front), Brian, Melissa, Susi with Carly (kneeling)

Gordy, Kathy (holding Connor), with Alissa - Jan. 1, 2000

This was me and my two kids, Cory & Melissa, a long time ago (1979 or so):

Melissa and Cory, 1974

Still awhile ago (1990?), me and the kids with my sister Susi:

My sister, Susan Kraemer


My son, Cory, and his wife, Amie (several years ago):

My daughter Melissa and her daughter Carly:



Family photo (1997):

Amie & Cory Kellogg, Susi Kraemer, Gordy & Kathy Fisher, Carly, Melissa, & Brian Musser

More pictures of my family on the Kraemer Family Reunion pages

Gordy's family:

Gordy's kids (1994): Tim, Terrie, Susan, Sharon, Tom

Same kids, 1998, Terrie is the bride!

1998, Gordy's kids with respective spouses: Sharon, Tim, Susan and her husband Ken Wolf, Terrie and her husband Bill Rose, Tom and his wife Marcy.




Gordon's oldest daughter, Dawn, with her now-ex-husband, John, and children Ashlee, Corey, and Krista.



Corey, Ashlee, Krista - Summer 98

Krista, Ashlee, Corey .. received Autumn 2000



(July 1998) Gordy, in the back with beard, next to his brother John. In front, brother Walt, sister Marie, and brother, Pete. The four Fisher boys went back to Iowa to visit Marie who was dying of cancer. She passed away in November 1998.


Gordy & Kathy in Vegas, Oct 1998