Misc. Grandkids' Photos

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April 2009: The Rose and Garcia kids -- from the back, clockwise: Brayden, Alissa, Amelia, Olivia and Cecelia

Easter 2008: Alissa & Brayden Rose

Christmas 2007: Tayler Kellogg (right) & her cousin Kepler


July 2007: (from left to right) Amelia Garcia, Olivia Garcia, Megan Fisher (tall one in back), Ava Fisher (pink shirt) and Cecelia Garcia (front).




Christmas 2005: Left to right, Carly Musser, Tayler Kellogg, Alissa Rose, Connor Musser, and Brayden Rose

Celebrating Olivia's first birthday, September 2005: Olivia in center, clockwise in back - Brayden, Alissa, Megan, and Olivia's sister Amelia to her left

Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Gordy with Ava Fisher (5 months) and Olivia Garcia (6 months), Easter 2005

Ashlee (age 13) and Corey (age 11) Silveira, children of Gordy's daughter Dawn (Feb. 2003)

Connor (age 3), Tayler (age 4) and Carly (age 7), February 2003

Carly and Tayler, Halloween 2001




April 2001: Brayden Rose and Megan Fisher (both about 5 months old), front; Alissa Rose (just over 2 years old), back


Carly & Connor Musser, Christmas 2000


(Left) May 2000: Carly Musser (just turned 5), with Connor Musser (almost 1) and Tayler Kellogg (almost 2)


( Below) Spring 2000: Carly and her little brother, Connor




Grandma (me) and her girls, Carly Ann Musser (Age 3) holding baby Tayler Malia Kellogg (not even a month), August 1998



Another Grandma (me) shot with Carly Musser (Age 4) holding her new brother, baby Connor Lee Musser (not even a month), August 1999