Pet Photos

Carly Musser and her pet bunny, on a leash - August 2008

Granddog Baxter (Cory & Amie's pet), and Granddogs Mischief (brown) and Sassy (Terrie & Bill's pets), March 2008


RoyBoy came to live with us in May 2005 as a foster bird taken from an abusive home situation. Although we weren't sure he would live at first, he has thrived and is a joy. We were granted permanent custody (adoption) in July 2005. He flew away to heaven in June 2009 (R.I.P.).


Granddaughter Tayler and GranddogMax, Summer 2004

Granddog Gretta Musser, 2001

I got both these guys in 1991

Black Cat (died July 2007 - R.I.P)

Toonsis (died June 2005 - R.I.P.)

Gonzo the Goose with an attitude died Feb. 2000 at the age of 13.

His spirit still haunts the forest.

Odie (died Jan. 2005) and Wookie (died 2000) ... they are romping together on the other side of the veil now

A Cockatiel named Bird (formerly named Tokka, about 25 years old in 2002). Bird died peacefully in April 2003 ... his spirit is free to fly now.

Both my dogs (Killer and Mischief) died of old-age-related afflictions in 1997, but they are still here in spirit.

Me with my granddaughter, Carly, and my grand-dog, Image (she died in February 2005):