Wedding Photos

I almost hate to keep this page because three of these unions ended in divorce by 2010: Tom & Marcy Fisher; Susan & Ken Wolf; and Sharon & Ray Garcia.

Another one ended in divorce in 2011: Melissa & Brian Musser

It is what it is ...

Sharon Fisher and Ray Garcia were married on September 22, 2001

Gordy, me, with Sharon and with my son Cory at the reception

My wedding to Gordon Fisher was in Oct. 1997.

Melissa (my daughter) and Brian Musser, May 1993

Cory (my son) and Amie Kellogg, July 1997

(First photo) Me & Gordy with Cory

Me & Amie

Susan (Fisher, Gordy's daughter) and Ken Wolf, May 1994

Tom (Gordy's son) and Marcy Fisher, April 1997

Terrie (Fisher, Gordy's daughter) and Bill Rose, June 1998

(Second photo) Gordy, Terrie, and me